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Steward Report:

Unto the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere does Lord Gabriel de Beaumont, Baron St Florian de la Riviere send Greetings.

 I am reporting on Gabriel’s “Let’s hit Wolfe” Tourney. I am pleased to say that Lord Wolfe the Hunted fought 103 bouts in three and a half hours and did his role of Queen’s Guard honour. He was challenged by 7 combatants in a number of different weapon forms.


The event turned a profit.

 From Cumberland this 29th October ASXXXVI

Financial Report: 

Non member: $24 

Member: $30

Profit $54

Marshal Report


Unto Lord Phillipe du Lac does Lord Gabriel de Beaumont, Baron Saint Florian de la Riviere send greetings.

On the 20th October I marshalled the event Gabriel’s Lets hit Wolfe Tourney at Fairfield Park, Fairfield Road, Fairfield.

There were nine combatants who took part and there were no incidents to report.

Written from Cumberland this 22nd October AS XXXVI



Constables Report:


Unto Lord Gabriel de Beaumont, Autocrat and Branch Constable, does Duena Constanzia Morales y de Zamora, Constable at Large, send greetings hoping that you and your kin are good of health.


Included in this report is a summary of forms.


On the 20/10/01, the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere held Gabriel’s “Let’s go hit Wolf” Tournament at Fairfield Park (a.k.a. “Gabby’s Park”), Fairfield Road, Fairfield.  It was a pleasant day, with a beautiful breeze.  The autocrat had done well in selecting the site as the fighters and spectators were in the shade and we were surrounded by purple jacarandas.


Signatures received at this event were          

14 Members

2 Adult Member Indemnity

8 Non members

1 Non member minors


All spectators and combatants signed indemnity forms  and there were no issues arising from this.  One Indemnity form appears to be missing which includes signatures of Amanda Thomas and Robert Sampson.  No injuries were sustained at the tournament site.  There was no lost property handed in.  All quiet on the Western front for the Constables  which is a good thing.

From Cumberland this 23rd day of October 2001