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 Unto the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere does Lord Gabriel de Beaumont, Baron St Florian de la Riviere send greetings.


I am reporting on the First Barony of St Florian de la Riviere Heavy Championship Tournament and Feast.


In the Tournament there were 12 combatants fighting in a single kill, triple elimination format list. In the final, Viscount Sir Alaric of Bangor defeated Viscount Master Sir Cornelius von Becke in three well fought bouts. It is my pleasure to announce that Viscount Sir Alaric of Bangor is the first St Florian de la Riviere Baronial Champion. Many thanks should go to Master Hrothgar Breaksword, Baron of River Haven, for acting as Chirurgeon on the day, to Viscount Isabeau d’ Aquilea for being Lists Mistress, and to Lord Wolfe the Hunted and Lord Gryffyd Ruddyn for helping me to set up the tournament.


At the feast in the evening, Mistress Mistress Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Baroness St Florian de la Riviere, did appoint Lord Leofric Willoughby de Broke as her Baroness’s Champion. The feast was well attended, and the food was wonderful. Many thanks must go to the kitchen staff of Lady Acacia de Navarre, Lady Claudia de Bercy, Viola of Bangor, Lord Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield and Lady Elaine Llanelli. There was a wonderful subtlty made by Lady Sancha de la Torre and Lord Michael of Waterford. Also thanks must go to Lord Nathaniel Mendoza y de Guadlajara and Lady Imogen of St Florian for their work in setting up and breaking down the hall.


It is my pleasure to announce that the event ran at a slight profit. The financial details of the event are on the attachment.


 From Cumberland this 20th  October ASXXXVI




Financial Report Baronial Championship 22/09/01

Please return this sheet to the Reeve accompanied by all receipts.






Gate Receipts Member



Gate Receipts Non Member



Total Income









Site Rental



Food Purchased



Supplies Purchased



Other Expenses



Total Expenses



Balance (Income less Expenses)



Float Returned








Constables Report



Unto Lord Gabriel de Beaumont, Autocrat of Baronial Championship and Branch Constable, does Duena Constanzia Morales y de Zamora, Constable at Large, send greetings hoping that you and your kin are good of health.


Included in this report is a summary of forms and any issues that have been forwarded to the Lochac Constable.


On the 22/09/01, the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere held their first Baronial Championship Tourney held at Yeronga Park, Honour Avenue, Yeronga.  It was a pleasant day, with a beautiful breeze.  The autocrat had done well in selecting the site as the fighters and spectators were in the shade.  If this site is used again, perhaps we need a larger water receptacle as our fighters do drink a lot of water so we were making many trips to collect water.


Signatures received at this event were          

19 Members

                                                                        10 Adult Member Indemnity

                                                                        6 Non members

                                                                        4 Non member minors


All spectators and combatants signed indemnity forms however 5 filled in the incorrect form (filled in an Adult Member instead of an Adult Non Member).  I suggest that we remedy this problem in future by ensuring that the forms are on different coloured paper to make the difference clearly visible 


There was only one incident that occurred. Douglas Fitzwilliam damaged his arm in the first bout of the tournament.  Chirurgeons attended and no ambulance was called.


No lost property was handed it in, however it is noted that the Baron St Florian de la Riviere left his coronal at the site and it was well looked after by one of the members of the Barony until an opportunity arose to return it.


Finally I suggest that we put a step by step procedure together in dot form, nothing complicated, to assist in training any potential interested constables.


From Cumberland this 27th day of September 2001




Marshals Report 


 Unto Lord Phillipe du Lac, Marshal of the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere, does Lord Gabriel de Beaumont, Baron St Florian de la Riviere send greetings.



On the 9th of September ASXXXVI, I was Marshal in charge of the first St Florian de la Riviere Baronial Championship. There were 12 combatants on the field and the winner of the tourney was Viscount Sir Alaric of Bangor.


There was one injury suffered during the tournament, when Lord Douglas Fitzwilliam damaged his shoulder while throwing a blow, during a bout with Viscount Master Sir Cornelius Von Becke. The Chirurgeon for the event, Master Hrothgar Breaksword, Baron of River Haven, attended Lord Douglas. There is no further action being taken.




From Cumberland this 14th October ASXXXVI