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Event Name:

St Richardis Archery Tourney and Performance of Macbeth


Day: 148 Douglas Street, Oxley

Evening: Graceville Uniting Church Hall, CNR Verney East and Oxley Roads, Graceville




Master Gabriel de Beaumont and Lady Viola of Bangor

Mundane Name

Alex West

Membership No





Non Members






General Report

(Overview of Event noting good and bad things that occurred for the event – any persons of note etc). 

Archery tourney was cancelled due to an organisational failure of the steward.  The site was arranged prior to an overseas trip and was not confirmed until the evening before the event. The site was not ready for the tourney and therefore had to be cancelled.


Performance of Macbeth in the evening was well received and had a good mixture of newbies or non scadians as well as members of St Florian and Riverhaven.


The organization of this event was really back to front.  This was mainly due to the steward being overseas prior to the event plus having to move the week he arrived back. 


Due care and process needs to be paid attention to particularly in relation to volunteers.  The Constable for the day and the event was not available to look after the door in the evening.   The person who was initially arranged to take money in the evening also had to become the event constable.  To add to his burden, he was also asked to look after all newbies who were attending without garb.  This was too much for one person to cope with particularly with the small window of time where people were arriving to when the performance started.   It must also be said that the person taking the money did not request assistance and when asked if he required help, he refused it.


The end result was that a lot of work was required to figure out the finances, there were 12 unsigned indemnities from a mixture of both members (mostly cast) and members of the audience.


The third part of process that wasn’t followed properly was the budgeting of the event in regard to the evening.  No budget submission for expenditure was put in as initially we weren’t putting that part of the event together.  Hence, the request for repayment for booking of the hall and refreshments is coming after the fact instead of before.


The final result is that all parts of the process of this event were not followed as per event procedures and this has certainly reflected in the ease of reporting.  It is strongly recommended that the Seneschal (or appointed deputy) take a more proactive role ensuring that the steward (even an experienced one) does it by the recommended procedure.

Hall info

Also include information about the hall if used and further comments – ie difficulties to retrieve bond, broken facilities,

The hall was only rented per hour on the evening which worked rather well. 










Gate Receipts:




 $         90.00







 $       133.00









Site Rental


 $         60.00



Food Purchased


 $         50.70



Supplies Purchased (Hall decoration, etc.)


 $          8.35














OUTSTANDING MONEY  (those who have booked and failed to pay) - NIL





Equipment Levy


 $         37.00



Lochac Levy


 $         37.00







St Florian Constable Report for St Richardis Day Tourney and Performance of MacBeth 2004


 Unto Raphael du Noir, Baronial Constable, does Mistress Constanzia Morales y de Zamora send greetings hoping that you and your kin are good of health.

 On the 18th of September 2004, the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere was to hold an archery tourney and a performance of MacBeth.  Due to a few organisational hiccups the archery tourney was cancelled.  The play still went on.

 The performance was held at Graceville Uniting Church Hall Cnr of Verney Road East and Oxley Road, Graceville.

Steward:                        Gabriel de Beaumont (Alex West) and Viola of Bangor (Sophia Lubin)

Constable in Charge:     Der Draigon Rhudd (Toni Goult)

Constable for desk        Nathaniel Mendoza y de la Guadlajara (Will Ord)

Reporting Constable      Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (Rachel Vess)


I have reported on this event on behalf of Nathaniel and Der Draigon as I have also assisted Viola with the financial reporting at the same time and have compared information.


No injuries or incidents were reported. No police were required to be brought on site. There was no reported lost property.  I am unaware if a WH&S check was done of the site.  I suspect that it wasn’t as Nathaniel was brought into the role very late in the piece (that evening) and was also taking money at the door.  It is evident that Nathaniel did not cope with both of these due to the lack of care and attention to both receipts and to the indemnities.


Signatures received at this event were     

17 Members

4 Members without cards

                                                                        20 Non members

1 Minor indemnity


I have calculated that 12 people have failed to sign waivers.  This includes Nathaniel, several cast members and some members of the audience.


The Constable in Charge was supposed to be Der Draigon Rhudd however she was unable to manage this due to being one of the cast members.  She had initially volunteered with the archery part of the day forgetting about her responsibilities for the evening. Stewarding team also didn’t put this together until too late.  This has caused a wee bit of chaos!

It is very strongly suggested that constables are not expected to take moneys as well as indeminity paperwork.  It is particularly important in regard to events such as these where there is a small window of time for people to attend the event.


From Diddlydale this 21st day of September AS XXXIX (2004)