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Event Report 2008 Gab Squire Need Practice Tourney

Gabriel's Squires Need the Practice Tourney Event Report

  • Date: 16/08/2008
  • Location: Park under the Green Bridge, TJ Doyle Memorial Drive, Dutton Park

Site information

The site was lovely and green with afternoon shade and breeze from the river which was nice for the banners. People were watching from the green bridge, who also gave us an applaud for fighting. Toilets and water very close by. Close to Scout hall which makes assessing equipment easy. Future stewards should be aware that toilets do not have soap nor toilet seats. Please bring hand soap. Shade pavilions were set up in such a way that fighters were able to store their armour explosion out the back, which allowed for a good view from spectactors from the green bridge. Recommended that this occurs in future. Parking is accessible. Brochures made available for potential recruitment and some handed out. Future ideas for site include:

  • more banners and heraldic display from fighters to lift appearance
  • potential flier holders to be zip tied to the part of the green bridge that looks directly at the fighting during the tourney. (To be removed at the end of the tourney).
  • holding tourneys at different times of the day to get different spectators
  • holding tourneys there on regular (monthly) basis to increase awareness of the SCA in that area.


  • Steward: Gabriel de Beaumont
  • Marshal in Charge: Gabriel de Beaumont
  • Marshal in Training: Gregorious Thorvolson
  • Lists: Asa Beiskalda
  • Constable: Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora
  • Financial Officer: Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Marshal Report - Gabriel de Beaumont

Gabriel was assisted by Gregorious Thorvolson, Marshal in training. All combatants were inspected. No issues caused by by armour failure. Two soft tissue injury (bruises) sustained during combat. Treated with ice. Nothing to report.


Format of the tourney was two round robins with the final winner of each round robin fought a best of three to have a final overall winner. There were five combatants:

  • Sir Sommerled of Redcliffe
  • Lord Henri de Montferrat
  • Lord Guilliame Lavet
  • Lord Tomas Eskelson
  • Lord Edmund of Shotley

Round Robin 1 - Henri de Montferrat

Round Robin 2 - Edmund of Shotley

Winner - Edmund of Shotley

Financial Report - Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora


All costs paid for by Gabriel and Constanzia. Not to be re-imbursed.


  • There were 15 attendees. All paid.
  • 13 Members at $3 = $39
  • 2 Non Members at $5 = $10
  • Total income: $49
  • Lochac Levy $15
  • Profit: $34

Receipts and money handed to Reeve, Tomas Eskelson on 16/08/2008

Constable Report - Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Check of the site completed. No sharps or glass located. Toilets were in moderate to clean condition. Waivers collected for all attendees. There were 13 Members and 2 Non Members. No lost property was handed in, no objects reported missing or stolen. No incident that required attention of the emergency services. There was only one fighting related injury requiring ice.