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Event Name:

Knights of the North Par D’armes XII


Tourney: Yeronga Park, Honour Ave, Yeronga




Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (Rachel Vess) 80960

General Report


General event style was pot luck and tourney with a fund raising table for the Christchurch Quake Appeal..  Cost as $5 NM, $3 M kids free. The event is a traditional one in order to celebrate the Knights and Heavy fighting in the northern reaches of Lochac.  This was the royal visit for  Gabriel and Constanzia, King and Queen of Lochac to the peaceful and mercantile Barony of St Florian de la Riviere, the purple jewel of Lochac.

·         There were many newcomers at the event – approximately four first timers who look likely to return as they have been regular attendees at events. These include: Victoria, Rachel, Merry the Red, and ?

·         There were some onlookers attend the event, however there didn’t seem to be much pick up from the attendees to go and speak to these people. Flyers were available however Steward failed to advertised this fact to remind people about the potential recruitment that this event offers.

·         Fighting occurred in the shade for the entire day. The day was hot and muggy but it didn’t rain which it was scheduled to do.  Water was supplied.

·         Steward has requested feedback from the populace however has not yet received any to date. Further information will be provided if feedback received.

·         Site was well set up for the most part.  Potluck was very successful however as the food was set up opposite to where the people were sitting, across the list field, it didn’t get as much attention. 


Assistance of note:

·         William Ademere assisted with various errands in lieu of officers being available.

·         Victoria ably arranged a potential we weather option

·         Dimitrii Borodinski was marshal in charge, constable in charge, assisted in setting up the site.

·         Magnus and Helene of River Haven arrived earlier than everyone and with Dimitrii set up the majority of the pavilions prior to the arrival of the rest of the people.

·         Nathanial Mendoza y de la Guadlajara and Gustav Richardson assisted in moving equipment from the storage unit to the site.

·         Giles Leabrook spent his entire day either heralding or marshalling or both.

·         Maud le Leitiere and Grete Engelhartz discovered that the constable who had intended to do the job was away sick and stood in to take control of the area – both constable and taking money for the event.

·         Vilma of River Haven who did a wonderful job maintaining the food table and ensuring that it was well stocked, and that the cold food items remained cold.

·         Baskerville and Moralez Beaumont who provided shade pavilions for the populace to sit in.

·         Gabriel de Beaumont who did a lot of behind the scenes work

·         Most people participated in assisting either the set up or break down or both.  It was very quick breakdown and good to see everyone assist each other while racing with the sun.


Dimitrii Borodinskii (Mat Dolton) 82401

Attendance: 62



Members No cards


Non Members




Ably assisted by Grete Englehartz and Maud la leitier who stepped in and provided support in managing paperwork and taking funds at the event.  There were no security issues, lost property and no ambulance or emergency services were called to or attended the scene.  There were no reported injuries and no issues were raised from members of the populace on the day other than one member not being a fan of the state of the public facilities. (Gentle stroll to a local members house resolved that issue)  Basic safety check of the grounds was performed as well as the facilities by Steward, Constable and set up team.  Facilities were not grand but adequate. Water was accessible on that site and there was no remnants of Brisbane flood issues.  All attendees signed waivers.


Reminder to populace is needed that parents of member children need only fill out the member form rather than the minor form.



Maud la leitier and Grete Englehartz



Members: 42  x $3 = 126

Royals: 4 x $0 = $0

Non Members: 11 x $5 = $55

Children: 5 x $0 = $0

Total received: $181


There was no expenditure claimed by Stewards


Lochac Levy: 53 paid adults = $53


St Florian receives $128 (Travel Levy $53, Equipment levy $53)


$54 raised for the Christchurch Quake fund through the donations table.


Managed by Herald.

Par d’armes – Knights as Tennans, rest of the fighting populace as venans.

Tenans: Sir Leofric Willoughby de Broke,  Sir Baine of St Florian,  Sir Gabriel de Beaumont, Sir Somerled of Redcliffe, Sir      Lorcan of River Haven, Sir Rufus Adycote of Mynheniot, Sir Steffan Glaube, Sir Tomas Eskelson

Venans: Unknown. Herald was going to provide details however has not yet provided for report.


Dimitrii Borodinskii (Mat Dolton) 82401

There were three new authorised fighters:

·         Roberto de Luca

·         Roland of St Florian

·         Jim of bacchus wood – name coming.

There was one reported injury post event which is a potential broken finger.  The combatant ignored advice regarding the risk of using gumby gloves during a two handed bout.  Further information to be received.  Combatant did not request ice or attention at the event. 


Request has been made for a list of combatants however the Marshal has been unable to come up with that information.


No Chirugeon on site.


Giles Leabrook in charge of event and for Crown Court

Steffan Glaube for Baronial Court

General Heraldic Announcements were made by Giles Leabrook with assistance of Dimitrii Borodinski (Marshal) during fighting.


Royal visit of Gabriel and Constanzia. The following business occurred in the court of Gabriel and Constanzia:

·         Fealty and homage was received by peers and populace.

·         Gabriel and Constanzia received taxes from the Baron and Baroness (chocolate in box – later given to well behaved children)

·         Golden Sword:

o        Gustav Richardson (Brendon Neal) and

o        Henri de Montferrat (Josh Lehmann)

·         Red Wyvern:

o        Bran Torg dub MacBrood (Bruce Hanwright) and

o        Edmund of Shotley (Scott Boyer)

The following awards were handed out during the Court of Bain and Bianca

Order of St Florian:

o        Maud la leitiere

o        Giles Leabrook 

Other items of note during court:

·         Baronial coronels were returned to Gabriel and Constanzia

·         Knights recognised the following:

o        Henri de Montferat for Prowess

o        Kenji for Pagentry

o        Bran torg dub MacDube for Chivalry

·         Lucas d’Avignon was proclaimed Baroness’s Champion