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Bain's Games Day

Chicken and Fox
Pavilion Racing




Enjoy a day of games such as tug-o-war, tierce, apple bobbing, board games, and Peerage Pie Throwing. On February 18 at Walker Park, Cleveland at 11am for BYO Picnic Lunch then games. If you want to join in with the Cooks Guild Lunch you must book by February 12, cost $4.00 per person. Bookings and Autocrat Bain of Stornoway.

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Adeleine de Montford and Claudia de Bercy head up the cooks guild

Jessica of Fearne Abbey chooses Ulfgar the Unspeakable to take a pie Court of Isabeau (pre pie?)

Event information: 

Bain educated the masses to various period outdoor games and introduced us to Peerage Pie Throwing. Each of the pies were auctioned off to the masses, being bought to throw at the Peers. Mistress Jessica of Fearne Abbey fooled us all by bringing out her cheque book and asking "How much do you want" for the pie thus giving her the opportunity to throw it at the person of her choosing (who else but Ulfgar the Unspeakable). The pies were made of cream and had been forgotten in the hot summer sun and had gone quite rancid. (Evidently it took Cornelius two or so hours of washing his hair before he gave up on getting rid of the smell). Princess Isabeau was clever enough to ensure that she had her guardsmen to take her pie. Of course, the tradition that the autocrat (or the person organising the pie throwing) gets a pie as well was created. A great day was had by all.

Cooks Guild showed off their stuff headed up by Claudia de Bercy and Adeline de Montford.

Other interesting things of note:

This was Gabriel de Beaumont and Leofric Willoghby du Broke's first event and the day that Phillipe du Lac was in a car accident metres away from the site. It was also the day that the Mouse Warriors decided that Gabriel was not an *evil drug lord* and that Constanzia was allowed to see him.