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 Michealmas II

Morwynna and William play boulles.  Morwynna and William play boulles while Bianca and Ianto look on

Bain, Phillipe, Elaine, Mona do the bear dance and William loks a little out of step. Brockvah, Bain and Phillipe, William Elaine, Ricardo are all dancing  Humphrey de la Pole describes the Tree of Charmagne. Ricard as herald.


Event Information

The event theme was the Birth of Spring which included trees made of broom handles with big polestyrene balls to hold various fauna which had been hacked out of unsuspecting neighbours gardens. The play had been whipped up at work by Constanzia in a 15 minute break. Morgan played Persephone, Palo played Hades and Michael of Waterford played Hermes the God. There were more cast members but those memories are lost.