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  1. Dances Beginners Monschaft, Advanced La Spagna.
  2. Best Mask (Don't forget to attend Mask making at A&S)

From DLV September 1995

The ball went very well. Quite a bit of money was raised. The Autocrat would like to thank all who helped with the event. Special thanks must to go Lady Eleanore of Caithness for a marvellous kitchen, all dance teachers and musicians, Sorcha and Hrothgar who risked their necks to hang banners, Riccardo , who risked his neck to take them down, Minna and assorted moral support crew and ever patient Morwynna. Thanks also to the cleanup crew and everyone who helped.


Remember the best Troikas are done long after the music stops!!!


From DLV October 1995

Shire Arts and Sciences Championship

The first round of the Shire Championship was held at the Masked Ball. All competitions were well contested and it was obvious that people had a lot of fun competing.


Mannschaft Pavanne (Beginners Dance)

Casuella della Nouvelle (Advanced Dance)

  1. Masks