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 Feast of the Gods - 02/03/1996

When - 02/03/1996
Where - Sherwood Arboretum, Sherwood
What - A small Alfresco banquet, philosophical chatter, astronomy and a presentation to the God of your choice (ie Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury etc). Please bring along a small gift (ie posy of flowers) to preset to your God and yoru own chair, - table, linen and lighting provided. There will also be a Royal Court at 9pm till 9:30pm. Event begins at 6pm and finishes at 9:30pm.
Cost - $15 which must be paid when bookings, as bookings are limited to 40 people and autocrats do not want money at event for security reasons.

Bookings - Lyle the Philosopher required by 24/02/1996
Autocrat - Charlotte aude Luna (aka Marie de Lyon)

 Prince Cornelius and Princess Morwynna in attendance