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Autocrat - Morwynna Branwynt

Feastocrat - Unknown

Attended - Unknown

Taken from Dieu la Vault November 1996

Many people took the chance to broaden their minds by attending the Laurel Collegia that was held at the Graceville Uniting Church Hall on the first weekend of October.

Workshops were conducted over two action packed days and included such varied topics as enamelling, shoe making, researching costume styles, renaissance costuming, tablet weaving, feast organisation and music making, to name but a few! There was also a relaxing slide show on Sunday afternoon of the art treasures of European museums and galleries. Those in attendance definitely now know what an "Allegory" looks like! The Dessert Revel held on the Saturday evening presented many opportunities for enjoyment with dancing, gaming, decadent desserts and the performance of �The Seven Deadly Sins� by the St Florian's Acting Troop.

Many thanks go to all those people who helped to make the Collegia such a success, you all know who you are! And an extra special thanks to Lady Eleanore of the Orkneys for so graciously hosting the post-revel and demonstrating her enviable toast-making skills in the wee hours of the morning.