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Why don't you be one of only 60 people who will prepay their way to an event that will have you coming back for more. After being admitted via your ticket, (sent to you when you pay), this Dry (no booze), non-smoking, lovely site will play host to St Florian's 1996 Yule. Candelabra and tablecloths will be supplied, so there's no need to bring these along. Following entry you will be lavished with a light supper to die for. (Please advise of any dietary requirements when booking.) The only thing you need to bring (apart from your feasting gear silly!) will be your relaxation vibes, game boards and yourselves. Period cordials will be provided but you can bring your own non-alcoholic drinkies if you like. Have fun playing board games, chatting, mingling and basically lounging around. This is the relaxation event for the year to wind down. Book now so you don't miss out! Don't forget there are only 60 places ... otherwise it gets too crowded to lounge properly!! Please remember this is a dry site.

When: 7 December, 1996. 7.00pm to 11.00pm. 
Where: Graceville Uniting Church Hall, Oxley Rd, Graceville. 
$10.00 (Members and Non-Members) 
Beginners Needlework, first effort in any area (work in progress accepted) and Best Decorated Fabric (not needlework). Don't forget your documentation! 
Steavean Die Glaubigen. Bookings close 31 November, 1996. 
Amalia Van Bergen Op Zoom  and Steavean Die Glaubigen.