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 The St Bartholomew's Day Massacre

The year is 1572 and we shall celebrate the wedding of Prince Henri of Navarre and Princess Marguerite de Valous, sister of Charles IX of France and Daughter of Catherine de Medici. A high feast is to be held in celebration of their wedding. Musicians will fill the air with delight, and artistes will entertain for your pleasure.

Held on the 27th September ASXXXII at the Holy Cross Heritage Hall, Chalk Street, Lutwyche, Brisbane from the hour of five until midnight.

Ticket cost: $15 Members 16 Non.
Limited to 120 Tickets
Payment in full is required by 19 September.

Bookings and all querires to the Head Steward, Stefano d'Urbino



Name: Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre Feast
Location: Chalk Street Heritage Hall
Style: Feast and Jacobean style game
Steward: Lord Stefano d'Urbino
Feastocrat: Lady Claudia de Bercy
Hall Steward: Lord Gabriel de Beaumont
Entertainment: Mistress Constanzia de Zamora and Heynonnymous
Attended: 90

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