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 The Challenge Begins Tourney 25/10/1997

LOCATION Backyard of Villa Stulta
Autocrat Courtain de Bond
Constable/Drop dead Deputy Gabriel de Beaumont
Lists Eleanore of the Orkneys
Attended 40 people

The fighters of Lochac are invited to join the Saint Florian Tournament Society. 
The qualifications are simple, to fight at least 13 tournaments in the next 12 months to Autocrat or Co-Autocrat at last one of these tournaments for your fellow fighters. Not a task that is ludicrous, not for the faint of heart, but a sound challenge.

The tournament society will have a feast at the end of the year to celebrate it's initial members and to encage membership. If you are interested in joining please contact one of the organisers, Courtain de Bond or LRM Cornelius von Becke. The tournaments that are held are open to any fighters at all, not only proposed tournament society members. The first tournament will be at Villa Stulta on the 25th of October. If everyone could gather by 1pm, the tournament will commence at 2pm once all armour inspection are completed. The cost will be a gold coin for prizes and presents.

Please contact the autocrat Courtain de Bond with any questions or enquires either about this tournament or the Tournament Society 

Unknown victor or number of fighters - Can anyone else remember?