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 High Hunt II - Scroll down for photos


Date:		23-24 August 1997  Location: 	Rochedale Scout Camp, Rochedale  Style: 	Camping event  Steward: 	Lord Manfred von Faulkenbery  Feastocrat: 	Lady Marie de Lyn
Advertisement: 05/97

Hochjagds is Back!

Last year, you slew the Bonnacon and saved the Princeďż˝s Brain. After a year of peace and prosperity, free of the ravages of aggressive flatulence, a High Hunt is being held overAugust 30-31 to usher in Spring. Come and be blown away by the spectacle as fighters do honour to their arms in the Heraldry Tourney. Hunt and slaughter the beautiful, tasty, and increasingly rare wildlife of our fair Shire of St Florian, and enjoy the company of fine friends and plentiful food. More details will be released shortly, or contact Manfred von Faulkenbery or Alaric of Bangor

Prince Ragnar and Princess Bliss in attendance  AOA: Gabriel de Beaumont, Leofric Willoughby de Broke, Salaberge de Granson
Viscount Alaric of Bangor was elevated to the Order of Chivalry.