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 Feast, AS XXXII: a Sonnet by Elizabeth of Monmouthe

Rain, first blowing this way then another, 
Upon Ulfgar from skies diluvian, 
Sent uncertain gentles seeking cover 
And, cat-like, Claudia to the kitchen; 
But lo! dampen'd spirits were rais'd higher 
When bent to task, he, this lone Caid'an, 
Didst with drowned kindling light the fire; 
Ensconcing Claudia in the kitchen. 
The Tourney's double headed knife well pleas'd 
That Knight; while through mosses, mold and lichen,
In darkness, cryptic monsters followed feast, 
As Claudia cleans'd the vacant kitchen. 
To our hosts, as full we lay and rested, 
In kitchen or out, our thanks invested.