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 Tournament of Roses 08/03/1997

A Tournament of Roses will be held on Saturday, March 8, 1997 at "The Killer Chook". Unlike similar events at this site in bygone years, the autocrats can promise that there is no danger of chooks on the Eric this year! The list opens and armour inspection begins at 1pm, the tourney begins at 2pm. Cordials provided. Please provide your own seating.

A Desert Revel will take place after 7pm at the same site. come and join the populace of St-Florian-de-la-riviere in partaking of scrumptious sweets, witty repartee, jokes, song and merriment. The revel will be held outside by torch and firelight. Deserts and good humour provided, please BYO drinks and seating.

Bookings required by 2 March, 1997. Pre-payment would be appreciated, but not required. Bookings to Eleanore  Cost - $5.00 for the day or $2.00 for the Tourney only. Autocrats - Jessica of Fearn Abbey and Eleanore of the Orkneys