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Unto the Seneschal of St Florian de la Riviere does Gabriel de Beaumont send greetings. 

On Saturday 19th of June 1999, the Abbey Demonstration was held at the Abbey Museum. The event was a great success with 56 people in attendance from the SCA. This breaks down into 28 members, 24 adult non- members and 4 children non-members. There were 49 St Florian members and 17 from the Barony of River Haven.

Enclosed with this letter is a copy of a letter I will be sending to the Abbey Museum tomorrow finalising any relevant details.




Total profit         $1615.80

per head profit = $28.85.


It is my recommendation that all the Participants from the Barony of River Haven just be given $ 30.00 a head.


Therefore having spoken to the members of River Haven individually, three people requested that the money go to the Lochac Princes travelling fund, one member has asked that the money go to the Bacchus Woods canton and the other 13 have asked that it go to the Barony directly. I have notified them that when we receive the money I will notify the Barony and arrange for a cheque to be sent.

I am sorry that I do not have receipts for anything except the food and the trailer hire however I have enclosed a Statutory declaration.

I would like to especially thank Stephano, Cornelius, Courtain, Lyle, Catherine the Friendly, the Baron and Baroness of River Haven, Aaron, Nigel, Dominic, William and Steven.


 Gabriel de Beaumont