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 Feast of Muses - a renaissance in feasting for the Barony of Riverhaven. 06/08/94


Story regarding Ulfgar's R&D for this event

Night Breakdown - or rather what was supposed to happen!


Remove 1 - 5 Muses (CD)

Dance Set I

Remove II

Remove III


Dance Set II

Poetry of the Geranium

What was different

We had a theme - the 9 Muses. This was the first time we had put together a feast with a cohesive theme that ran through the entertainment and subtelties. It has become the first step in developing our benchmark for high court events.


Finally, we had structured entertainment - where we could work toward a complete effect. We had arranged and advertised the event so that we would not end up with any filk. People wishing to entertain had to run it through Constanzia who alocated them time to perform which also ensured that we would have no entertainment that was not suitable.


This was also the first time that we had matching tablecloths, candleabra and all the trimmings. The effect was magical because it was the first. It was also the first time we had servers - although they were pushed a little too hard that night - where previously we had volunteers called up during the evening. The servers had tabbards, however we were still wondering around with big pots from table to table as we have very limited serving resources at that stage.

We had period food, period receipes served in removes with a herald announcing these. We were trying to go full pomp and fanfare but we didn't quite have the resources of doing so.

What went wrong!

Fuses, fuses, the fuses and the fuses - the last remove which was due out about 9:30pm, came out at midnight because the fuses blew total of four times. Each time the fuse blew, someone had to run up the street three blocks to the nearest payphone (before we all had mobiles) and negotiate speaking to the caretaker who was daughter of a very strict greek family who didn't allow her to speak to strangers. She would then contact the local priest who would come and unlock the church next door and flick the fuse. Believe it or not, there was one fuse for the entire heritage listed building. We discovered after a short while that it was the hot water system that was tripping the system - this was after the third time.

This effected food quality, timing, heating of food and it was one great big horrible stressful experience that all involved with the event call it the FEAST OF FUSES. Legends of horror, angry Ulfgars, Zuul floating about the background, servers serving "Bugs Bunny" and "Tweetie Bird". It was wrong, wrong I say!

Some members of the feast remarked that they new that things were going ok when "God was smiling at them" - because the light of the kitchen would shine through the stained glass window at the top of the dias. It was these same people who were responsible for the fish dishes to be mysteriously returned to the kitchen, without their heads. Of course, they were not related to any particular alto or choir mistress, never.

We also thought that the HNN team were invincible. Not only could HNN set up a hall (due to an unreliable team simply not turning up), sing, act, serve, clean and cleanup - all these things are possible however serving 120 people with 8 is a job in itself.

We had breakdown of communication.

The Prince, Princess, Herald, and Autocrat changed the timetable of the evening without informing the Entertainment Steward. Of course, midway through performing a piece of music, an oyez was called to announce court which was supposed to happen and hour and a half into the entertainment program. Communication was eventually reached and it was all good - until the fuses blew!.

We had some undesirables (from another medieval group) attend the feast wearing close to mundane clothing, drinking far too much, having food fights and constantly bailing out serving staff. They were eventually asked to leave however our tolerence of people misbehaving has shrunk considerably since then - due to the escalating behaviour of these people.

Clean up was also an exiting factor. We had people working there until 4am cleaning up, then we drove home. The next day, Ulfgar and Felice went back at 1pm. After starting the morning at sparrow fart and doing an almost 24 hour day after months of heavy preparation, we were a little tired.

We learnt a lot - I'd like to see how we would react to it now with our current level of experience.

Constanzia Moralez ye de Zamora

Post Moretem - or what HNN learnt from the experience