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FM1997 CL

Jobs to update this page:

  • Find a good picture of Stanzi wearing the dress
  • Take photos of the garment off person

Braindump details:

  • 6 weeks - 2.5 weeks planning and procurement, 3.5 creation
  • Clothing design: Melisande de Castile, Felice d'Avignon
  • Clothing fit and construction: Felice d'avignon
  • Embroidery design: Acacia de Navarre
  • Folks involved in the making: Stefano d'Urbino, Claudia de Bercy, Lyle the Philosopher, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Melisande de Castile, Felice d'Avignon, Acacia de Navarre

Other sillyness Stefano has beaded his initials in the back of the forepart.