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FM2008 B&BAnn Collette Shirt

An Embroidered Shirt (1 of x)

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  • Embroidery by Anne of Lincoln;
  • Construction by Collette de Harcourt
  • Fabric used in shirt: 100% linen Donated by: Collette

Feedback from Anne (embroidery) and Collette (construction)

Embroidery pattern choice:

I decided not to go with my original choice of doing a counted version of the demon's head and used pattern number 1534-9a from the patterns Stanzi posted to the Flying Monkeys files. (A lot of the other patterns posted have left me wanted to do more free-from blackwork).

How long did this take each of you?

Anne: The embroidery took 48 hours.

Collette: The construction 2-3 hours for all the machine sewing and cutting out, + another 1.5 for the hand-finishing. Approximately

Anything that you'd like to add?

Anne: The embroidery took me so long because I made the stupid decision of using mostly Holbein Stitch instead of back stitch or stem stitch which would have been much quicker. For the flowers and petals I used satin stitch. The embroidery thread I used was Gutermann's silk (I used less than one spool for the the embroidery).

Collette: The ties at the neck are lucet cord I made using black silk thread. Metal hook, hand-sewn loop used as closures

And they said:

"The black embroidery looks magnificent" from King Sir Berenger

"Where's mine?" from Sir Gabriel