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Fabric Melbourne

Stanzi's Fabric Expedition in Melbourne August 2008

Silk Traders Hawthorn East

Supply of good range of silk. Tricky remmenants upstairs (and there's a loo btw if you're needing one). Lovely Damascus style fabric. I picked up some white organza for $10m.

Rathdowne Reminant Shop - Rathdowne

Though I must say, the range wasn't that exciting, the prices weren't that exciting - though there was fabric by the pound.... which with a bit of a dig you could find some nuggets of joy.

Bruswick Fabric - Sydney Road, Bruswick

This is where you get cashmere at $12 a metre. I almost wet myself when I saw it. The range is a bit average - nothing like dye though. Apparently this is a hit and miss store. They often swap their summer and winter stock with the warehouse so I wonder if it's worth ringing ahead if you're heading down. As it was Winter, their linen was tucked away from my grasp.

There's a Muslim Women's Association shop next door. It's got a caffeinated manic lady working there who appeared to be off her meds. Warning, she doesn't draw breath. So if you duck in there to pick up a super cheap silk pashmena, have a tag team to rescue you if you're in there for more than two minutes, say - "how much for this", smile poliely through the rambles, repeat "how much for just this", thrust cash into her hands, insist on no bag (or she'll keep talking to you) agree that you're a crazed environmentalist and FLEEEEE.

(There's another three fabric shops in Bruswick. Nothing natural died to make any textile there. No sparks please)

Darn Cheap Fabrics - Glenhuntly, Heidelberg, Prahan

Sale tables normally around $2 metre. Interesting supply of silk, silk cotton blends for around $10 per metre. Had wool but there's a better store for wool. Definately worth dropping in. There's a store just around the corner from Vandel's so if you're visiting him, it's worth dropping in. http://www.darncheapfabrics.com.au/ They'll post.

Eliza Fabrics - Sunshine

This little bomb of a place looks a bit dodge when you walk in but has some surprising bargains. Again silk for between $5-8 metre. Linen 150 wide for $2-3 a metre. Wool was available and was cheap but I can't recall the price off hand. Definately worth sifting through the rubbish and the journey out there.

Carmels Fabrics - Clearance Centre West Mentone

Nothing over $4.95. Admittedly this is a clearance centre hence the cheap prices. Fabric is assorted into colours rather than fabric type. Remnants are $1-2m. Scored quite a bit of silk & wool remnants http://www.carmelsfabrics.com.au/