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SCA fencing seeks to recreate the Renaissance rapier combat practiced by civilians for honour and self protection. Fencing is fast and vigourous, and doesn't suffer from the heavy armour burden required by our full armoured combat. All our combat is based on the honour system for determining victory - competition is between friends who respect each other. We want to "kill" our friends; not hurt them.

Our practices work on fitness and footwork, learning Medieval and Renaissance combat methods, and developing effective and good looking field appearance in our clothes, armour and display. Fencing requires a very technical applied physical knowedge which we teach, and is also good exercise.

A minimum age of 14 is required for safety and insurance reasons.

To be able to be able to participate in any form of Combat within the SCA, you must be authorised. This process involves ensuring that the person authorising has a demonstrated knowlege of the rules, is safe to themselves and safe to others. This process can take a little time however is quite well supported.

You can attend fencing practice at our Regular Meetings Combat articles can be found here: Combat Articles