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Fencing Equipment Requirements

Before authorisation you will be required to have:

Gender Specific protection

  • For men a groin cup (from sports stores, under $10),
  • For women a martial arts chest protector (about $50 from martial arts stores).

Leather gloves with long cuffs

  • Unpadded welding gauntlets, from hardware stores, usually less than $10


  • Can be bought or made, cost vary but usually under $50

Fabric Coif

sewn, cost usually under $20.

Body Armour

  • Body armour or medieval garb that meets the armour standards is desirable (how much you spend on your clothes is entirely up to you!).

Fencing Mask

  • A fencing mask would be desirable (from $90 up).


At the beginning borrowing weapons is ok. After a couple of lessons we encourage students to purchase a dowel rod which is used as a practice sword, and later as a defensive baton. The cost for that is usually under $5. Full weapons usually cost in excess of $200 for rapiers, $150 for daggers. The upper limit of cost for decoration and workmanship after that is the sky.