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Festival 06

Highlights for Rowany Festival 2006

Master Baron Hrothgar aet Gytingbroce, Baron of Rowany:

Watching the St Florian Marines punch holes in the opposition shield walls.

Duena Baronessa Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora:

  • Watching the magical Lord Ianulfr smelting show at night when the moon was low,
  • Watching Lady Lucia Littlefair take on Sir Berenger of Nancy to scull home-brewed cider during the play,
  • Trying to herd Lord Henri de Montferrat back to the encampment during his drunken raptor rampage through the marshes,
  • Walking through the period part of the St Florian encampment listening to Lady Elen Bennet play her viol while men in their period underwear worked on the forge. Good times.

Lady Elizabeth de Foxle

  • Becoming one of Brusiís squires for an evening,
  • Finding Master Sir Cornelius von Beckís in Sir Phillipe du Lacís pants,
  • Meeting mílord Francesco.