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Flying Monkeys

The Flying Monkeys

The Flying Monkeys are individuals that have come together to work on large scale projects which are usually costuming. There have been many members of the Flying Monkeys from all over Lochac.

Although the Flying Monkeys has been coming together since 1996 for the reign of Alaric and Nerissa when Lochac was a Principality. This was planned by some, and a surprise for others who were told to "get in the car" and didn't know what they were in for until they arrived and were handed a needle and thread. The group didn't actually get a name until 2003 during Alaric and Nerissa's reign as King and Queen. (Rather tidy when you think of it)

There are several objectives

  1. make folks look ace for those big occassions
  2. learn and acquire knowlege
  3. do and develop skills
  4. teach
  5. have fun/go mad similtaneously

If you would like to participate, you can join the e-list:

The list of achievements grows: