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GNW08 What You Get

What do you get for your $70/5

  • A lush green campsite with modern amenities and hot running water,
  • all meals from Friday dinner to Monday lunch,
  • a full A&S schedule (including dance classes),
  • merchants & market day including a coffee shop (cappucino folks?),
  • a feast,
  • tourneys (including the famous Friday night flaming torch tourney),
  • rapier tourneys & melees, combat & target archery, flaming trebuchets,
  • a pirate party,
  • a tavern with games of skill and chance,
  • court with Their Majesties (peerages? Anythings possible!),
  • knight school,
  • village football,
  • pick up fighting,
  • jousting demos with real horses,
  • and did I mention WAR?
  • There'll even be souvineer stretchy t-tunics!