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Gilliame Lavet

From August DLV 2006

How long have you been in the SCA?

My first event was an Abbey Museum Demo (2000) but I'd been training with Corny for ages before that.

What was it that initially attracted you to the SCA?

It was the people actually. They way they cared and looked after each other, and their general courtesy towards each other.

Do you believe that it's something missing in general society? Yes, I do.

What other things do you enjoy in the SCA?

Everything, bits of everything. The chance to try different things. I predominately like the fighting, but I also like the chance to make things. I'll give anything a go!

What makes you come back for more?

I'd have to say the people again for sure. It's the interaction and good friendships. Nice people.

What period inspires you?

All of them!

What are you learning about at the moment?

I'm doing a bit of leatherwork at the moment. I'm making pouches. I want to try and make some boots next.

Have you thought about doing some leather carving?

Yes, but I want to master the basics first.

What's your next frock going to be?

Late period Spanish!

Are you going to wear a ruff?

Yeah, I'll give it a go.

Have you ever wayfared?

I've wayfared to the local groups which are Bacchus Woods and River Haven. I haven't had a chance to travel down south yet.

How did you find it?

I've enjoyed it immensely. I enjoy the fighting, the company, the feasts, the plays. All of it!

Is your device registered?

Not yet, however my paperwork for my name is going in on Monday. There's a couple of small details that need to be addressed with my device and I'll submit that as well.

What's it like being the Baroness's Champion?

Itís a great honour. It's a bit hard to describe. I think it's a great responsibility to ensure that the good name of the Baroness is upheld, and her needs and desires are taken care of. So far I've enjoyed looking after the Baroness.