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Golden Tear

A little about the Golden Tear. Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Last month, I discussed the Award of Arms. This month I thought we could look at the Order of the Golden Tear.

Firstly, this is an armigerous award. That means, that if the recipient has not already received an AOA, they get one when they receive this award.

Remember, all Kingdom awards are bestowed from the Crown From the Lochac Laws: The Order of the Golden Tear may be offered to those the Crown finds deserving of honour for substantial and unobtrusive service to the Kingdom.

To me, a person who could be considered to be a strong candidate for a Golden Tear would:

  • Demonstrate consistent service over a number of years (eg 3-4 years of high intensity, more if lower intensity)
  • Will have either performed service through being an officer or service in other ways such as running events, running munitions grade armouring workshops etc
  • To have started to develop good basic leadership skills so can run events with a team, manage a team, inspire others
  • Have a solid knowledge of the structure of the SCA
  • Not be obstructive or cause disruption in a way that is harmful
  • Have a positive impact on the local group with their service