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Golden Tearrecommendation

An example letter could be something like this:

Unto Draco and Asa, King and Queen of Lochac, does (title if you have one) Robert Recommendationwriter send greetings on this 1st day of September 2006

RE: Thomas Do-a-Lot (Mundane Name), Barony of St Florian de la Riviere Golden Tear

(Now explain the reasons why you feel this person is deserving of the award)

I bring to your attention Thomas Do-a-Lot who has served the Barony of Saint Florian de la Riviere for the last 5 or more years. In this time, he has been responsible for:

  • Stewarding an annual tourney and feast over the last four years.

This has involved managing a team of people, budgeting and reporting. This event started out as being a small one, however has grown to an average of X attendees. Each event has been a success!

  • Officer roles

Thomas is a constable at large and a marshal at large. Although Thomas is a fighter, he will 'do his time' in being marshal in charge of an event or constable in charge of an event to ensure that the load is shared.

  • General assistance

Thomas, when not leading a team at an event, is usually found assisting others through setting up and breaking down events, running the serving crew or serving. He follows instructions very well and is very resourceful when dealing with crisis

Thomas has significantly contributed to our Barony and has a pleasant demeanour adding to the essence of the SCA. He is an inspiration to us.

I remain your humble servant

Robert Recommendationwriter