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Heavy Combat

test Heavy Combat is one of the core activities of the SCA. An essential part of the myth and mystery of the middle ages surround the combat of the times, where brave knights battled with sword in one hand and shield in the other. We re-create knightly combat in a form that somewhat resembles the club tournaments of the middle ages.

We use a range of weaponry in combat games, either formalised one-on-one bouts on the tournament field, or massed combat on the more chaotic war field. The weapons we use are not of steel and wood, but instead we use rattan, a solid version of bamboo. This allows us to use blows of considerable speed and power, without the result of seriously injuring or killing people. The armour we use varies considerably, with many using exact recreations of period armours, and others using medieval styled equipment with alterations for extra safety consciousness.

Learning the requirements for combat takes a while, but the enjoyment of this most satisfying of sports is enormous and ongoing. The best contact point for newcomers are our RegularMeetings. The consist of warm-up sessions, basic skills and orientation, individual training, and group armoured work. There will always be someone on hand to take you through your first session, and make sure you let us know you are interested in learning what it is all about.