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History 94 St Floz BWWar

Bacchus Wood/St Florian War 13/08/1994

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  • Stewards - Acacia de Navarre and Y the Animal
  • Location - Yeronga Park, Yeronga
  • Theme - WAR!

As there were no archers, the populace were able to sit fairly close to the action which was really exiting. St Florian was victorious with a trophy made by Animal presented to Cornelius (then Prince). The Cooks Guild Table made it's second appearance (The first being the Riverhaven March Baronial). One of the compressed air thingies for the cannon exploded in Sir Agro's car which smashed the front windscreen. Had some interesting disagreements regarding a crossbow - banned due to not being allowed to be used in the park - which ended up with a very silly letter writing campaign.