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KOTN06 Event Feedback

Event Feedback on Knights of the North 2006

by Master Baron Hrothgar aet Gytingbroce, a wayfarer to St Florian

I always feel really welcome when I come to St Florian.

I enjoyed effort that so obviously goes into the pageantry: having a really cool list field, banner set, and taking pride in that.

At Knights of the North Par d’Armes, I really enjoyed the food. I really enjoyed the location and the effort to pick a really cool location. I really enjoyed the play and felt that it was an appropriate length.

I was perplexed by the lack of dancing! I missed the dancing!

The fact of the small hall meant that socialising occurred outside which was a shame considering the amount of effort was put into the inside, and the period feel of the inside. Had their been more of a communal entertainment like dancing, communal singing or bardic stuff, the feeling could have been kept inside the hall.

I really liked the way that there were so many fighters at Knights of the North, locals from both Baronies as well as wayfarers. I liked the fact that there were River Haven people at the feast as well. There was a sense of community between the two Baronies.