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Keepers of the Baronial War Banner

Protectors of the Baronial Banner

Each year, The Battle of Buttony Cross is held to determine which unit will have the honour of defending the War Banner of the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere War Banner. The honour of protecting the Baronial Banner does carry with it responsibility.

The Protectors of the Banner Duties

  • Fight in the St Florian Division,

  • Display the banner when the Barony goes to war,

  • Behave in a chivalric manner as befits a representative of the Barony

  • Protect the Banner to the last man standing on or off the field.

  • Other duties upon the Baron and Baroness' request

The Protectors

  • Ventbarre 2001

  • Ugly Ducklings 2002

  • White Company 2003

  • Yorvich 2005

  • Aemon Macgregor, Lorkan of River Haven and Gabriel de Beaumont 2006

  • Beaumont Boys (squires of Gabriel) 2007

  • 2008

  • 2009

  • King Edmund's's Team (HRM Edmund Shotley, Count Sir Gabriel de Beaumont, Zofia Radwitz) 2010