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What is the Laurel Prize Tourney?

by Duena Acacia de Navarre from October Dieu la Vault 2006

The Laurel Prize Tourney (LPT) is held every Saturday afternoon at Rowany festival. It is not a tournament (even though the name suggests that) nor is it a competition.

LPT is a change for the Artisans of Lochac to show the projects they have been working on all year and to get feedback and support from the Laurels of the Kingdom.

Many of us work on arts and science project, often alone and in our home so few people outside of our friends or group know of the work and toil that we put into what we love. The LPT is a chance to share the joy (and frustration) we have in our pet projects and also to pick the brains of other people who are as passionate about arts and sciences as we are. It is also a chance for everyone who enters the tourney to inspire others and hopefully increase the practice of arts and science in the Kingdom.

For the Laurels, it is a chance for us to share with other artisans our love of the arts and sciences. We get the chance to talk with artisans, sometimes from the far reaches of the kingdom, who are doing amazing work.

Often we have access to information, research or contacts that other artisan may not have discovered yet, and trust me we love to share this. We are all passionate about our own areas of the arts and it is it is great when we meet up with others who are equally as obsessed ;-).

On a more official note the Laurels also have an obligation to the King and Queen to report on the health of the Arts and Sciences in the Kingdom and the LPT gives us the opportunity to show to the whole Kingdom the fantastic work of the artisans.

If you are interested in showing your work in the LPT then all you need to do is check the time of the LPT in the Rowany timetable and turn up about 15 minutes before hand to be assigned some space on a table. The first part of the tourney is usually just for the Laurels so that we have the chance to see and talk to everyone before the LPT is opened to the general populace to view. There are no winners or prizes for LPT but if a laurel is very impressed with your work then they may give you a token to keep as an encouragement.