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Laurel Bodyof Work

What does a "body of work" mean to the laurel council?

In order to judge the merit of a candidate, the Lochac laurel council tends to look at everything that the candidate has created. This is often referred to as a "body of work". At its most simplest, a body of work is everything that the candidate has done to advance the practice of their art or science in the kingdom. It doesn't stop there. The council looks further to see how the candidate shares their knowledge. This is mostly referred to as teaching. Teaching in this context is expanded in meaning to include how the candidate inspires others to emulate their zeal for their art. It can include how a candidate encourages and teaches people on a one to one level, articles they have written, groups or guilds they have contributed to, etc. For example, if you practice wood carving and are a master in your art, even the best in the Kingdom, this is not enough to be recognised as a laurel. But if you practice wood carving, are a master in your art and are active in encouraging and teaching others so that people can see how wood carving is improving in authenticity throughout the Kingdom, then the laurel council would indeed be very interested in you.