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Light Combat

Light Combat, or projectile combat is very popular on the war fields of Lochac (Australia). Re-creating the war fields of the middle ages without attempting to add the flavour of the missiles flying around would miss a great deal . The word 'light' in reference to light combat refers to the fact that projectile combatants are allowed to wear physically lighter armour.

Missile weapons come in many forms; the thrown i.e. axes and javelins; the strung i.e. bows and crossbows; and artillery pieces such as trebuchets and cannon. All of these weapons are modified from the originals for safety.

Light combatants roam the war field very effectively picking off the unwary of both heavy and light combatants. They can be shot by their own contraptions, but are not struck by the blows of the heavy combatants. This allows a wider range of builds to become light combatants, such as the younger or the older interested parties, as well as those of very slight build or lower mobility. Being shot with one of the rubber-blunt safety tipped arrows still hurts though, so it is still not for everyone.

If you are interested in participating in Light Combat, please feel free to attend fighter practice