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Mariana Vangelistadel Piro

Your Story: Mariana Vangelista del Piro

from Dieu la Vault June 2006

What was the first thing that struck you about the experience of going to an event?

It was the garb. Getting dressed and getting ready. There were a lot of us so I was admiring everyone else's clothes.

Did putting on this clothing change anything for you?

It changed my mindset. I started to change the way I spoke and acted more like a lady. I put on more airs and graces I suppose. This is normally not the case for me. I loved the surprisingly comfortable bodice and felt quite pretty wearing an extravagant dress. I guess also the feeling that it was something different, something special.

What was it like when you first arrived at the event?

I was a bit nervous at first. I guess 'cause it's a society where everyone knows everyone else. It was kind of like being the only outsider at a big party or an extended family. There was an atmosphere of anticipation for the tourney and a lot of meeting and greeting going on. The surroundings, the banners, everyone dressed up, the thrones for the King and Queen. It all set a scene.

What about the feast?

Well! The hall at night was even better than the tourney! That's because of the low lighting and how the hall was heavily decorated. Everyone was mingling more at night that during the day because the guys were now off the tourney field. I knew a few more people then which was reassuring. Everyone was really nice though.

You've got odd eating issues - how did you go with the food?

The food was delicious. I was well catered for. Hmmmm cheesy goodness. Lucky they were stealing the trays or I would have kept on eating! I felt the bodice getting tighter!

What was your highlight?

The hushed moment during court where Stanzi opened up the mead bottle with a big pop! I enjoyed the play. It was lots of fun to try the dancing. Most of all it was the chivalry and politeness. It wasn't exactly formal, but the niceties and manners were there. Everyone was doing it!


That it ended!

Would you come again?

Definitely! I'm planning my first dress!