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Lord Dimitrii Borodinskii and Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora from Dieu La Vault October 2006

Membership is financially belonging to the SCA. Anyone can be a part of the SCA, but to be an actual member you must pay an annual fee. Really, comparing to other medieval re-enactment groups (plus other sports groups) the SCA is one of the lowest costing groups to be a member of. Many other groups cost upwards to figures like $350 per year. Some even more.

How much does it cost?

  • Associate Membership - For a mere $30 you can be a member of the SCA. This gives you all the rights and discounts that come with membership, plus a copy of the Lochac Laws per year.
  • Sustaining Membership - $45 per year gives you full membership, plus 12 issues of Pegasus.
  • Contributing Membership - $60 gives you the same as the $45 level, but gives a $15 donation to your favourite medieval re-enactment group, the SCA. This helps run and fund our society.

What does it pay for?

If you are a sustaining member, the $45 gets broken down into the following Assuming that the there are 466 members in the Kingdom, the cost are broken down into the following:

  • Pegasus (Kingdom newsletter) $19.50
  • SCA Affiliation fee $3US $4.40
  • Insurance ($6,050) $13.00
  • Legal and Administration $5.00
  • Government Tax and Bank fees $0.95
  • Total $42.85

As you can see, these costs help ensure that we have a game to play. Without membership, the SCA will cease to exist. The more members we have, the more the overheads will reduce. This will allow a greater profit for the SCAA and also ensures the future of the SCA.

Why is membership cheaper in NZ?

New Zealand members do not pay the high Insurance levels that Australian members need to pay. This is why membership is slightly higher for Australian residents.

How will it benefit me?

Other than belonging to a wonderful group, membership comes with many different benefits.

  • Members are eligible to hold an office, become Baron or Baroness or King or Queen!
  • Members are eligible to run events
  • During polls, a member’s vote will cast more weight than that of a non member
  • There are discounts available to members for events.
  • In some Kingdoms, you must be a member to receive awards. This is not the case in Lochac.

How does membership affect my group?

According to Corpora, each level of group must have a minimum level of members to exist. Membership numbers in a group are determined by postcodes. Where your membership is registered will determine which group your membership counts toward. Some groups feed into the higher level of group so sometimes membership can be counted toward a group’s membership numbers more than once.

Kingdoms require a minimum of 400 members. Every member who resides in Australia or New Zealand contributes to this total number. For us to remain a Kingdom, we must ensure that we maintain at least 400 people.

Principalities require a minimum of 100 members. Any Barony, Shire, Canton or College, that is within the postcodes held by the Principality, count toward the Principality membership numbers. There are currently no Principalities within Lochac.

Baronies and Provinces (a Barony without a Baron or Baroness) require a minimum number of 25 members. Any membership numbers of a canton or college that is held within the postcodes of that group, count toward the Barony’s numbers. However, members of a college who reside in another group’s postal address, will also count toward the other groups membership.

Shires and Cantons require a minimum number of 5 memberships.

The more members a group has, the bigger the group can get. You becoming a member could make the difference for your small canton or Barony keeping their status. (Or visa versa if you don't) If you live outside the postal code of the group that you play in, you can one of two things:

  • Do nothing – it all helps the region anyway
  • Ask a friend who lives in the allocated postcode region of your group if they mind your membership going through their postal address

Be aware that in some occasions, where your membership is counted will determine a decision. (For example a poll of a group particularly if it is changing it’s group status, B&B or group policy change). In the end, it is up to you what you choose and you shouldn’t feel pressured either way. To find out which group owns your postcode, go to /lochac/groups/groups.php

How will it benefit the SCA?

Being a member pays for the most important and integral requirement of any organisation – insurance. Without insurance, we cannot run fighter practice or events. If you are participating and using the insurance, it’s in your best interest and the SCA’s best interest to become a member.

The more members in the SCA, the more the SCA will grow. Usually, if you become a financial member of a group you feel some sort of pride and loyalty to that group. In turn you may talk to a friend and convince him or her to join. He or she may in turn join up another friend or family member. Before you know it, there is another Barony or Kingdom in our great Society.

Officers and Membership Requirements.

According to Corpora, all officers at all levels and deputies who intend on taking over the office, must be members and must have access to the Kingdom newsletter, Pegasus. That means if you are an officer, and you live at the same residence as someone who is a sustaining member and have access to the Kingdom newsletter, you can have a family or associate membership. If you do not live at the same residence as a sustaining member, you must take out sustaining membership so that you can receive Pegasus.

Who are we targeting to become members?

We’re primarily looking at those people who use the insurance. Anyone who turns up to anything that is run by the SCA is using the insurance, however we’re looking to encourage all fighters, those who turn up to A&S, and those people who turn up to more than two events a year. We still recommend that those people who are new to the SCA should probably wait and see if they like it before they commit! If you’re new, play regularly and you think that you’ll be around for the next 12 months, we strongly recommend you become a member and help us all build a better SCA!