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Memories of Trebuchets from GNW

Memories of Trebuchets from GNW by Lady Anne of Lincolnshire of Innilgard

Saturday Night

Standing close by the drop zone of the flaming trebuchet missiles and watching four "children" try to catch one with the fire blanket. The names of these children are Vandel, Miles de Colwell, Tomas and Eva von Danzig. They did not succeed.

Sunday Night

Again standing close by the drop zone and watching another group of "children" try to catch the missiles with the fire blanket. Two of the people this evening were Sir Agro and Miles de Colwell (I don't remember the name of the other two), and this time they succeeded.

On both evenings I was quite convinced I was about to witness an entry (or four) into the Darwin awards and I am glad to say that I didn't.