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Feast Menu for Comilona de Sensacion

Feastocrats: Lady Claudia de Bercy and Lady Acacia de Navarre


Chicken in Lemon Sauce (Mediterranean Cuisine p68)

Chicken with Saffron and Spice sauce (Mediterranean Cuisine p72)

Veal Rolls with Herbs (Mediterranean Cuisine p78)

Squid with almonds pine nuts and currants (Mediterranean Cuisine p98)

Stuffed Aubergines (Mediterranean Cuisine p110)

Aubergines in the Moorish style (Mediterranean Cuisine p111)

Marinated Anchovies (Renaissance Receipes P41)

Turnips Armed in Self Defence (Renaissance Receipes P69)

Sauted Mushroom with spices (Medieval Kitchen P76)

Lombard Chicken Pastries (MEDIEVAL COOKBOOK P47)

Mushroom Pasties (Plain Delight NO.24)

Roast Onion Salad (Medieval Kitchen P79)

Sausage Hedgehogs (Plain Delight NO. 29)

Candied Sweet Potates in Syrup (Elenor Fetterplace P194)

Carbonata (Medieval Kitchen P97)

Orange Omelette for Harlots and Ruffians (Medieval Kitchen P185)

Stuffed Eggs (Medieval Kitchen P181)

Tart for Mid Lent (To the Kings Taste P62)

Mussels in Broth (To the Kings Taste P41)

Spinach with Pancetta & Currants (Mediterranean Cuisine P128)

Fennel and Leeks (Mediterranean Cuisine P118)

Garlic Nuclear Mushrooms grilled mushrooms with pancetta & garlic (Mediterranean Cuisine P126)

Honey & Saffron Quiche(700 Years of English Cookery P51)

Jumbals (To the Queen's Taste P95)

Honey Dates (Rome to Renaissance P35

Orange Succets (Elinor Fettiplace P71)

Pine Nut Candy (Medieval Cookbook P121)

RAPAYE (Take a Thousand Eggs or More P266)