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Minute Tasks

Tasks from October and previous Meetings

Ongoing tasks

  • Liase with BCC re use of field - Gabriel de Beaumont Seneschal

Unfinalised at 03/11/2008

  • Lochac Levy Payment (Pending outcome of Financial Recovery Project) - Tomas Eskelson Reeve
  • Banking: Missing statements to be retrieved - Gabriel de Beaumont Seneschal
  • Structure development for Fighter Practice - Orlando the Pure Dept Seneschal
  • Cheque for the purchase of Baronial Sword - Tomas Eskelson Reeve

Outstanding Event Tasks

  • Turkish Event paperwork to be completed and sent to Pegasus - Lilya bint HIzir Steward
  • GNW Report from June 2008 still incompleted - Giles Leabrook (To be finalised by November meeting)
  • Battle of Buttony Cross 2008 yet to be completed. - Edmund of Shotley

Quite Overdue

  • Battle of Buttony Cross 2007 no event report, no receipts received. Money Banked. - William Addemere
  • Winter Baronial 2007 no event report, kitchen receipts only received. Money Banked - Elizabeth de Foxl
  • Abbey payment to be finalised from 2007 - Tomas Eskelson
  • Abbey Payment to be finalised from 2008 - Tomas Eskelson

Completed (from August 2008 and continuing)

  • Officer Replacements advertising(see Positions Vacant - Members of Barony
  • Banking: Remove signatories: Bain of Stornoway, Sabine Bourbonais, Andres de Leon - Gabriel de Beaumont Seneschal (Completed)
  • Banking: Add Raoul of Buzz - Raoul of Buzz (Completed)
  • Banking: Statements to be sent to Reeve - Gabriel de Beaumont Seneschal (completed)
  • Seneschal discussion with Scouts about future lease arrangements - Gabriel de Beaumont Seneschal
  • Battle of Buttony Cross Paperwork to be completed and sent to Pegasus - Edmund of Shotley Steward (completed)
  • Banking: Reeve to have electronic read only access to account - Tomas Eskelson Reeve
  • Structure development for A&S - Nesta verch Wynn A&S Officer (ongoing)
  • Venue project: Contact Scouts re Lease - Gabriel de Beaumont Seneschal (completed)
  • Venue Project: Write letter to Scouts thanking them for reponse and outlining response is unrealistic sole tennancy quote Gabriel de Beaumont Seneschal (Completed)
  • Heraldic Tourney 2008 report, banking etc - Nesta Verch Wynn