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Minutes 1997 August

Minutes of the Meeting of the Shire on the 17th August


Elanore, Catrin, John, Edmond


Cornelius, Mellisande

Officers Reports


There have been a lot of submissions made lately. $20 was approved for Camel subscription


Fighter Practice is picking up now that the colder weather is almost over. There are plans by the fighters to mount a challenge to hold 13 tourneys next year.


The Abbey cheque has been received, we made $1350. They sent a very nice letter with the cheque thanking us for our considerable contribution and support.

The matter of banners has come up again, and again the funding of banners in Coronet colours, to be used for Coronet and also the upcoming feast were approved, subject to the final approval of the Reeve.

The suggestion was made that in the future, peers might be given the choice of either having pies auctioned off to be thrown at them, or auctioning themselves off as slaves instead

Minutes close.