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Minutes 1997 February

Minutes - St Florian's Shire Meeting

Held 16 February 1997, at Leonore's House


Leonore, Bianca, Eleanore, Hrothgar, Adeline, Melissande, Finnian, Sorcia, Joan, Salaberge, Felice, Nerissa, Katrin, William, Amelia, Blaine, Acacia, Gabriel, Constanzia, Marie, Huguette and Owen


Finnian, Cornelius

Meeting opened at 6:10pm


Offer by Barony of Rowany. William advised Alfar has asked the Militia to fight with Barony of Rowany and in return a large banner pole will be erected in the main St Florian Campsite. Owen will contact militia and let Alfar know their decision within the week


Purple and White drill. Leonore has purchased lots of purple and white drill to be used for banners, caps etc Cost of $120 was authorised by meeting.


Proposal was discussed. We are planning a living display: set up a feasting tent etc, Adeline looking into suitable food. Arts display both static and active, please bring your weaving, shoemaking etc. Corny is arranging the fighters. Hrothgar is arranging the archers. We are planning to have a shoot the person type arrangement if Abbey agrees. Funds raised will cover costs and discussion was held into donating the profits made from the archery back to the Abbey from the Shire. Costs of setting up archery around $650 for arrows and bows, $120 for blunts and $20 approx for tape.

Meeting agreed expense will be fine as it will be covered by income but final decision will not be made until we know if we are running Archery at Abbey.

Hat making workshop

Acacia advised next workshop: Sunday 2nd March 10.30 at Constanzia's to make your own hat costs $1.40 to buy one costs $5.00 place your orders with Acacia or Constanzia


Acacia advised collegia bookings going well have already covered costs - maybe would should do a potluck in the hall Saturday night it will be available not garbed just continue on from the day

Officers Reports


Hrothgar Meeting approved $50 for additional first aid supplies, his new offsider in training is Acacia.


Negotiating with Robare for intergroup Archery shoot over 6 days possibly.


Eleanore Not much happening new Constable at large: Mari Foxpaws. Happy to do St Floz events too. Be careful - injuries at dance practice as some were too boisterous !

Arts & Sciences

Huguette: Humphrey has resigned so Huguette is now A & S Mistress. Thanks to Humphrey for his work! New hall is going really well. Lots of activity & people, please bring your own projects as well as doings workshops we have lots of big tables and powerpoints !! Hall is covering its cost well.


Katrin: Bringing her gear to A & S when she is there (which is great) lets all work on getting devices registered this year!


Felice: Felice is the new Reeve. Thanks to Reggie for all her work. Bank statements still to be transferred to Felice so she did a run down of expenses & income from January to date. Have about $1200 in the bank and money out for events which will be on its way back in. We should aim to keep at least $1000 in account. Up to $2000 to float big events. Need to have some fund raising events to boost balance a bit. Books were available for anyone who wished to peruse them.


Salaberge: Needs a deputy. Wants to get more articles into newsletter less of the routine info.


Salaberge: Now running every Sunday from March. Will be doing Rondel practice and belly dancing no spectators if you come you belly dance details in newsletter.

Asked that Shire meeting be moved to not clash with dance now to be an hour earlier -5pm.


Adeline: Amelia will be her replacement at end of year, has bought her own keys for decoration. Lochac hospitaller is preparing a SCA pamphlet & Adeline is working on a St Floz one. Will have newsletter at Collegia for all the newbies please make them all welcome.


Constanzia: Needs shelving, cupboards etc please let her know what you can donate, loan etc if not enough then we will look into buying some planks and besser bricks etc for shelving. Ulfgar has also offered to make ply boxes after Festival for storage but we will price plastic storage boxes before we decide what to do. Will be looking for help to determine a pricing schedule for external loans and system for dealing with people who don't return gear or return it in a poor state.

Hey Nonny

Constanzia: Belongs to Shire receiving offers to go to Medieval Fair up to $750 and a tenor. Constanzia told them we are doing Abbey and increasing offers (from $500 ) and offering tenors will not work!! Need a new Instrument for Recorder Consort about $80 meeting agreed to purchase.


Joan Tabard finished all else quiet !


Constanzia/Bianca: Money raised to go towards a sound system for dance, hey nonny, events etc.

Next Meeting 16th MARCH 1997 at Melissande & Finian's.