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Minutes 1997 January

Minutes - St Florian's Shire Meeting

Held 19 January 1997, 6pm at Mellissand & Finnian's home


Lenore, Bianca, Eleanore, Hrothgar, Adeline, Melisande, Finnian, Sorcha, Joan, Salaberge, Felice, Nerissa, Catrin, William


Cornelius, Morwynna, Humphrey, Regina, Lucretia, Owen, Huguette

Meeting opened at 6:00pm

A&S Hall:

Starts on 6th Feb (Thursday) Hall warming on the first night, bring a plate. Flyer was distributed for comments before being printed up - lights will be on in the oval if anyone wishes to bring along their "toys" for a hit.

Abbey Info:

Meeting attended Tuesday 14 January 1997. All participant receiving a flat fee per head to the group of $30. We need to list exactly what we will be doing to enable the program to be set - think about it - Carolyn will be putting together a list in the next few weeks. Also any good ideas for the 1998 demo should be put forward separately. We need to know what we can provide before 18 February - when the next meeting is being held.

Officers' Reports


Felice (Deputy) Read report to meeting - we look to be in good shape !! - Well done. Meeting confirmed decision to spend over $100 on serving and cooking trays for cooks guild - Constanzia and Marie have found some good cheap trays. Meeting also noted the funds spent on new regalia for lists and for thank you present.


Catrin has a new deputy, Bianca, also the subscription is due soon for the Herald's Magazine.


Nothing to report, new constables in training, collects indemnities not warrants (correction to previous minutes)


(Finnian for Cornelius) Need date for Bacchus Woods war also some organisation needed for Shire Militia going to Festival: 3 groups going Ventbarr, Co. of St Michaels and Militia. Cornelius requested that Shire meeting be moved to A & S hall but meeting felt that meeting would interfere with A & S as it did in the past which is why it is held separately now.


Nothing to report.

A & S:

William is Huguette's new Deputy. New hall starts 7 Feb - also need everyone's ideas for activities.


Awaiting newsletter info has flyers for a River haven event 1/3/97 and will have other event info included. New distribution method is working well.


Thanks for donations needs to but extra feasting gear to make up to 10 feasting kits. planning a sew a thon for new garb. Other half of shire working bee still to happen to make tablecloths etc.


India has made new regalia - tablecloth finished - tabard underway - nil to report.

Coming Events:

  • 15 Mar - Tourney of Roses (Leonore & Jessica)
  • April - possible Royal event - joint with Riverhaven
  • 3-5 May - Shire Championship (Ulfgar)
  • 17-18 May - Coronet at Innilgard
  • 24 May - Ball (Constanzia and Bianca)
  • 14 June - Abbey Demo (Leonore)
  • 28 June - Celtic Caleigh (Eleanore)
  • 26 July - Elizabethan Feast, limitied to 50 cost $30 (Ulfgar)
  • 2 Aug - Tourney (Adeline & Amelia) plans to speak to Riverhaven autocrat of event the same day about linking up.
  • 30-31 Aug - Hunt Camping Event (Manfred)
  • Sept - Michaelemas (need an Autocrat!!)

Coronet Bid

Ulfgar suggested we go for May 1998 - considered a great idea - planning to occur - Carolyn will call Ulfgar etc to begin the grand plan - all Shire must be behind this one and we can really have a fun splashy spiff wow event!!

Festival Planning

Water wenches plan to make Purple and White outfits including flat caps - there will be a sewing day at Susie’s late February.

Meeting closed at 7pm

Next Meeting 16th FEBRUARY 1997 at Leonore's, followed by a Pot luck BBQ