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Minutes 1997 July

Minutes of the meeting of the Shire 19th July

Meeting open 5:04 pm

Constable: Eleanore, Thanks Eleanore for her service as Constable, Position to go to Conrad.

Reeve: Felice, - Pay up to date except hall. Have not got Abbey Money. Leonore to Fix - $900

Hospitaler: Adeline, NTR

Seneschal: Leonore, School Marco Polo this year. Doncton lunch weekend after high hunt.

High Hunt flyer distribution is OK. It is a royal visit and a tourney in Castellum Montanum has been cancelled to accommodate. Will make $200 travel donation. Fund Raiser Eleanore to run Games day (see upcoming events)

Formal Challenge to Politicop to eat their words, Ulfgar for action, Nerissa to scribe

Formal Challenge to Riverhaven Leanore to action, to prove nautical skill, (yaght, raft)

A&S Hall:

Problems with new Administration. Money in Advance. Insurance, good treatment. don't touch piano lots of angst from new management.

Coronet bid:

"Floating the Brittanic" Budget $6500 half of our input, look for ideas. Every member of St Florian to be involved a must.


Salaberge, - Handing office to Ysambart. Womens Infolink photocopy - photo possible?


Adeline has a tourney 02/08 Legal status of Heynonny SCA and profit. Check it out with Exchequer.

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