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Minutes 1997 May


18 May, 1997


Leonore, Hrothgar, Eleanore, Nerissa, Katrin, Felice, Adeline, Amelia and Huguette

Most officers had ‘nil to report’. The Reeve presented the financial statement of our account which shows a balance (after all cheques to be presented) of $445. It is hoped the account will be much healthier after Abbey and some upcoming events. A set of steel boule's will be purchased from the proceeds of the Ball. The A&S hall continues to pay for itself as is fighter practice. The previously listed Elizabethan Event is now to be a 15th Century Feast. It will be held on July 26th. The Hospitaller, Adeline de Monfort, has moved and now resides with the Deputy Hospitaller, Ameilia of Syracuse, see regnum.


A list is available for people to nominate where and what they are able to help with. A setup crew is needed for Friday night and enquiries are being made into accommodation in the area. Several tents/pavilions are needed for A&S, Armouring, etc. and tables also although on-site hiring is being looked into. A flyer is in the process of being printed and will be distributed for general handouts. Banner poles and portable holes are also needed. Banner making workshops are to be held at A&S with the purchase of more purple and white fabric. Everyone is reminded that a maximum of effort is needed form ALL Shire members to make this a success. Thankyou to those who have already offered time and equipment. Call Leonore for more information.