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Minutes 1997 November

Shire Meeting minutes - St Florian de la Riviere

16 November 1997 - 5pm - at Mellissa's house


Mellissande, Finnian, Constanzia, Stefano, Eleanore, Hrothgar, Sibella, Lucretia, Gabriel


Felice, Acacia, William de Tosney, Jessica


Must plan events for next year: get your thinking caps on. Ball was fun: Oasis Event 13 Dec, Manfred & Marie are 'autocrating' Abbey demo for Shire


Felice reported $1480.22 in bank & additional funds expected form Ball, though we have to pay for hall for December and fighter practice field.


William is new lists officer Thanks!! Nothing to report


No report


Eleanore for Adeline replacement needed Alastair prepared to take stock into quartermaster store and Gabriel interested in looking after newcomers as Hospitaller / Chatelaine. Adeline will be contacted. Return any hospitaller gear you have !!

A & S

Lucretia advised timetable set till end of year breakup party and planning 11 December need a new hall cost is going up next year start looking cheaper hall near transport required ! Remember competitions


Everything is running smoothly.


Nothing to report


No report


No report


Stefano needs some $ to replace some stock less than $50 Also is Shire willing to hire Shire equipment to Shire members for Festival meeting agreed that this was a good idea. Stefano, Ulfgar & Hrothgar will be contacting Owen re: free timber


Finn suggested an 'O' week recruiting drive he will look into

Eleanore suggested a Christmas basket raffle to raise funds for Shire she will be looking for donations edible goodies !!

Hrothgar advised Archers are going freelance looking for the highest offer !!

Constanzia advised combined choir for a sung Mass at festival - looking for extra voices !

Eleanore advised semi-trailer going to Festival contact Ulfgar about booking space

Constanzia: thanks to all who cleaned up after event record pack up time 20 mins!!

Stefano off to take pictures of festival site soon !!

Next meeting: 5pm, 18 January 1998, Seneschal's house, all welcome.