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Minutes 1997 September

Shire Meeting minutes St Florian de la Riviere

21 September 1997 5pm at Leonore's


Leonore, Mellissande, Eleanore, Hrothgar, Adeline, Blaine, Ameilia, Lucretia, Ianto, Tanja, Sibella




End of reign reports are due, not all officers have sent them in: send now!!


Melissande reported the Shire is still solvent & St Bart's will be paying for itself and other event monies are expected soon. (See separate Reeve's report in Dieu Le Vault)


Leonore reported that Joan has stepped down. We need a new List officer There was discussion around the need to encourage newer members to take on officer's positions, or deputy positions.


Adeline reported lots of newcomers, need more Hospitaller garb, costuming 7 -8 for St Bart's, need to make some late period garb


Rhianwen is now Mistress of the Cooks Guild. Huguette has sought a replacement. Lucretia indicated she was going to contact her about taking over, with Sibella and Dominic as possible deputies in training. It was noted that Eleonore has been A&S champion for over a year. We need to finalise this years competition.


Everything is running smoothly

Intergroup IKAK:

running well last rounds finish next month.


It was noted that the Chron. has altered the Archery notices and they are now incorrect. Hrothgar will contact Ysambart to correct. Also Regnum needs updating and newsletter must come out at the beginning of the month.

There was discussion around the need for cohesiveness in the Shire, and the role of households within the Shire

It was suggested to move the time and date of Shire meetings - but was decided to keep 3rd Sunday of month, 5pm, Seneschal's house, as this was negotiated with archers / dancers /etc to try and fit in. Leonore announced that she was stepping down and the new Seneschal was Mellissande.

Next meeting: 5pm, 19 October, all welcome.