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Minutes 1998 February

SHIRE MEETING MINUTES St Florian de la riviere

Minutes from Shire Meeting Held:- 5.10pm, Sunday 15 February 1998 At Seneschal's House


Melisande, Nerissa, Acacia, William de Tosney, Alaric, Hrothgar, Eleanore & Adeline.


Finn, Lucretia, Felice, Stefano, Katrin, Sibella


Events – need more –

  • BW/St Floz War is looking for a date,
  • Vigil Stulta – 4 July
  • Pam's Ball - 27 June.

Brisbane Medieval Tournament

Meeting discussed participation – it was agreed that with other commitments this year no one is free to arrange a St Florian display – we will therefore support SCA Qld. and anyone who wishes to go along should do so. Someone needs to volunteer to at least monitor numbers attending and arrange passes etc. Melisande will call BMT with decision.


Marie has advised that meeting has occurred and things look good for this year. Acacia will try and get Marie to next meeting (your lift is arranged!)


Approx $240 in bank, $260 to be banked, plus fighter practice monies which Bridget has. (note: have received additional $250 approx since meeting)


Katrin has advised that she has re-subscribed to Camel, Nicolas has been helping people at A & S - need a regular Herald presence at A& S – lots of interested newcomers – will ask Katrin about making books available – maybe through a deputy.

A & S

Lucretia's apologies – Nerissa will be along regularly to promote Scribes Guild – A &S going well – making a profit !! lots of new faces too! A&S office was to be advertised last DLV – got lost in transit – will be advertised this DLV. Please keep turning up and supporting A &S!


Everything ok – has reminded Elena about Acacia's warrant!


Has written to Lochac Archer seeking to be a Captain of Archers – Last years IKAC scores never received – very disappointing –they were sent! – Hrothgar will resend. Need to get key for toilet as discussed last year! Candelabra (for Coronet) – should be all finished next weekend!!


This job is vacant – will be advertised next DLV


Apologies & nothing to report


  • Nil to report
  • what about tourney's coming up
  • (Seneschal's comment - if you require Lists for a tourney let the officer know well in advance please)


Lots of great new donations – thanks to Bridget and Marie! Need more male garb –Conrad must return garb from last Festival or else!!


  • Position has been advertised
  • Fighters please clean up your rubbish on Monday nights that includes bits of tape and food containers etc!
  • Field lights haven't been fixed, no access to toilets, parking etc need to follow this up.

Other Business

Eleanore: we need Coronet flyers lots of people asked at event. Melisande will follow up with Ulfgar. Also as Sibella is booking officer and will not be at Festival, Eleanore volunteered to take bookings there for her. Melisande will let Ulfgar know Festival is covered.

Meeting closed 6pm