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Minutes 1998 January

SHIRE MEETING MINUTES St Florian de la riviere

18 January 1998-5pm - at Melissande's


Mellissande, Constanzia, Stefano, Eleanore, Hrothgar, Sibella, Lucretia, Felice, Acacia, Phillipe, Morna

Apologies: William (de Tosney), Jessica, Finnian


Melisande: Diary is empty!!! Must plan events for this year - get your thinking caps on.

Feast challenge scroll presented to B & B Polit. at12th Night - well received.

Pam is the fundraising Queen she raised another$100 with her Christmas raffle

  • big thanks Brisbane Medieval Tournament group has approached us to participate this year
  • 2 full days - 13 / 14 June - possibly $35 per head - are people interested
  • who is prepared to autocrat the St Floz activity if we participate - see Mel for extra detail
  • will be decided next Shire Meeting Reeve
  • Rosemary reported approx $537 bank & additional funds to be banked - must raise money -hold events !!


William de Tosney - Nothing to report - run some tourneys!!


No report - please call Seneschal!


Eleanore for Adeline - Return any hospitaller gear you have !! Lots of work for Coronet !

A & S

Lucretia advised timetable set till June - new hall - St Matthews Logan Road, Holland Park - thanks Sibellafor arranging this - Ideas for competitions please - next - belts, pouches and belt accessories and bread and bread products. Lucretia is stepping down soon


Everything is running smoothly. Acacia's warrant should be back soon !! Hrothgar advised archery starts again 25/1/98 - IKAC in March


Nothing to report


No report - please call Seneschal!


Peachy keen. Plans to step down soon Fighter practice wants to purchase some gear and will get quotes


Everything back from before Christmas. Hrothgar made new candelabra (look great) money will be arranged for Hrothgar & team to make before Coronet New events


  • 28/2/98 Ulfgar's Tourney & lunch - refer ad in DLV
  • 21/3/98 Gabriel's Tourney - refer ad in DLV

Next meeting: 5pm, 15 February 1998, Seneschal's house , all welcome.